Bakery Nollen | Hengevelde

Emondt Koeltechniek took care of the complete refrigeration installation at Bakkerij Nollen in Hengevelde, consisting of:

Central CO2 refrigeration and freezing plant
Emergency ventilation and detection system
4 pcs 10 hatch covers, incl. regulation
Evaporators freezer, incl. regulation
Shock freezer, incl. Emondt PLC control
Refrigeration units, incl. regulation
Floor heating freezer cell and freezing tunnel
Piping and insulation for CO2 section
AHU with space cooling dry pastry
AHU with space cooling wet pastry
Airsocks all room coolers
Air conditioning offices
Piping and insulation (cold carriers)
Ventilation office and canteen
4 air curtains for freezer doors