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About Us

With more than 75 years of experience, we work every day to design and produce the best fresh food store interiors. A store interior and concept with optimal efficiency, that's in our DNA.

75 years the furnisher of fresh produce stores

Emondt Fresh Food Interiors

For 75 years the shopfitter for fresh produce stores and knowledge center for fresh produce concepts. Our goal is to make your store a success. Custom interior made in our own factory by experienced interior designers with custom refrigeration technology.

Idea ➝ concept ➝ design ➝ materialization realization

From your idea, you are taken through your concept to a 3D design. After selecting the materials, we make the interior and come and assemble it on site. Everything under one roof, with no hidden costs.

One stop store store furnisher

A solution for every concept

Quality, professionalism, design and focus on performance

Store interiors made by experienced interior designers and designs aimed at getting the most out of a store. From a top customer experience to high quality furniture, all aimed at optimal performance of your store.

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Our working method

Step 1: Idea

Introduction and intake of your wishes and idea. Together we analyze the concept and look at the needs, questions and possibilities for the project.

Step 2: Concept

In step 2, we develop an initial store concept and a floor plan where the layout and routing become clear in the concept.

Step 3: Visualization

In step 3, the concept is worked out in 3D by our designers and sharpened where necessary with our consultants.

Step 4: Materalization

After approving the concept in 3D, we advise and choose with you the actual materials for your project.

Step 5: Realization

Once the concept is clear, a schedule will be created for your project. The interior is technically worked out and produced in our own factory including in-house refrigeration technology.

Step 6: Distance Monitoring

Refrigeration service with remote management where we can remotely monitor chillers and refrigerated display units. This allows us to look directly into the refrigeration system in case of questions.

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