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VRV and VRF systems

Energy-efficiently heat and cool offices, hotels, school buildings, hospitals, data centers or other commercial buildings with a VRV and VRF system. With only one outdoor unit and multiple attached indoor units, you cool and heat with the same system.

The complete solution for climate control in your building

A VRV or VRF system reduces your energy use by optimizing seasonal performance through efficient indoor and outdoor units, innovative technology and smart energy management. Choose a total solution for all applications and climate conditions. We provide the climate for optimal comfort in your building.

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) or VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) systems are used to heat or cool multiple rooms simultaneously in a very energy efficient manner. The applications in which a VRF or VRV system can be used are endless. Examples include: hotels, offices, stores, utilities, hospitals, hospitality, data centers, education, etc.

The difference between a vRV system and a VRF system

Technically, VRV and VRF systems work the same way. A VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) system was designed by Daikin and has carried that name for more than 30 years. A VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system is made by all other manufacturers who make this type of system. Both cases involve an installation where multiple rooms can be heated and cooled simultaneously. Daikin has a patent on the VRV term, so other manufacturers supply the systems under the VRF system.


Why choose a VRV or VRF system? The main advantage of this type of air conditioning system is the energy-efficient way of heating and cooling. A VRV or VRF air conditioning system gets 75% of its energy from outside air and 25% from electricity. This eliminates the need for another energy source such as gas. This allows you to heat, and thus cool, your business, office, hotel or other premises without gas. Because refrigerant is used in the system, you can extract heat from the outside air even when it is freezing. A VRV or VRF system has high efficiency and delivers exactly the capacity required in a specific space in your building. This makes the system more energy efficient than a refrigeration system with a high-efficiency boiler.

This makes a VRV and VRF installation eligible for the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA), which allows you to deduct part of the investment from your profits. But often more important is the energy savings you achieve on your air conditioning system.



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